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Fr. Larry Announces His Retirement

Every Pastor in the Diocese of Reno is assigned to his parish for a six-year term, renewable once for another 6-year term. It is the option of the priest to request that second term or not.

However, in the event that the pastor turns 70 years old DURING his first term as pastor, he does not have the option to ask for another six year term. This is the case with me.

On June 24 I will turn 73 – I’m already 3 years past the optional retirement age in the diocese. My 6-year term here as pastor ends on June 30. I am not renewing nor negotiating for any extended time and will retire from active ministry on that date. You will be getting a new Pastor on July 1.

I will be living in a house provided for me to occupy by the Diocese of Reno and be of service to the pastors in the diocese who are ill or on vacation or in need of help for masses during my retirement. I am a priest in good standing so I can help with all the sacramental needs of the Catholic people in the diocese for as long and as often as I can and desire to.

I am super excited about having completed almost 45 years of active ministry as a priest and look forward to the wonderful freedom I will enjoy from administrative pastor responsibilities!

Rejoice with me as I enter into this new and final phase of my life and priesthood!



Projects Happening at Our Lady of Tahoe

In July, Fr. Larry had his old carpeting at the rectory removed, and new carpeting installed. He loves it! This happened thanks to your generosity in last year's #iGiveCatholic Fundraiser. Starting on August 1, we are painting the hall! Well, Crist Painting is doing the work, but we are excited for all the improvements being done and we want to again thank you for caring so much about maintaining and updating the parish property. We hope and pray you will support us this November as we enter our 4th year raising funds with #iGiveCatholic! More to come in the upcoming weeks.