May 22, 2021

Below are Calvo’s decisions about masks at mass, social distancing, singing, safety. I am pleased to implement these new protocols immediately. Ultimately the decision is yours to make. Please note the “honor system” the bishop has asked for those not yet vaccinated. I support these decisions for our parish here at Our Lady of Tahoe. I highly recommend that those who are not yet vaccinated to continue to wear their masks for the safety of those unvaccinated as well as for those who are. We will continue to sanitize and social distance as we have been, until further notice from our diocese. I will continue to mask myself and sanitize my hands at communion time as I have been. I am sure you are all very pleased to see these newly relaxed protocols, especially about the masks, as I am! Thank you all for your kind cooperation!

FROM:           Bishop Randolph R. Calvo


Given the new CDC guidelines:

1) Anyone who is fully vaccinated (final dose + 14 days) may choose either not to wear a mask or to continue to wear a mask.

2) Anyone who is not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated is to wear a mask out of charity for the safety of their neighbor and themselves.  This will be an individual’s personal responsibility on an honor system.

3) Until further notice, social distancing will be maintained but with choices for individuals and households of sitting either in section(s) with 3 feet distance, or section(s) with 6 feet, whichever they deem safer for them.

4) Singing during Mass should be minimal and not for a prolonged time.

5) Revisions to these protocols could come based on a community’s percentage of vaccination, test positivity rate, hospitalizations, and the number of deaths. Commitment to safety during the pandemic remains a priority in the Diocese of Reno.

6)  Pastors can implement the protocols on the weekend on May 29-30 or before, if they deem it opportune and feasible.


February 1, 2021

ASH WEDNESDAY instructions: Here is the instruction for the distribution of ashes from the Congregation of Divine Worship: The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments issued this instruction for the distribution of ashes for Ash Wednesday during this Covid-19 pandemic time: After blessing the ashes, then sprinkling them with holy water in silence, the priest addresses those present, reciting once the formula found in the Roman Missal: “Repent, and believe in the Gospel” or “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” ... Continue reading here


Dear People of God:

The following information was sent to all the parishioners and persons registered here at OLT with email addresses back on May 27th. I have edited it here for any visitors who might want to come to mass. Bishop Calvo reminds everyone that the dispensation from the obligation of Sunday mass continues for the duration of the pandemic! You do NOT have to attend, especially if you are fearful, a senior (65 years +), have poor health or underlying health conditions, infants, or especially anyone who is sick and/or having any symptoms of illness should, in fact, NOT ATTEND. Please remember to watch the mass on Sunday on a broadcast of your choice either on TV or website.

For those able and willing to attend... Continue reading here