Dear People of God:

The following information was sent to all the parishioners and persons registered here at OLT with email addresses back on May 27th. I have edited it here for any visitors who might want to come to mass. Bishop Calvo reminds everyone that the dispensation from the obligation of Sunday mass continues for the duration of the pandemic! You do NOT have to attend, especially if you are fearful, a senior (65 years +), have poor health or underlying health conditions, infants, or especially anyone who is sick and/or having any symptoms of illness should, in fact, NOT ATTEND. Please remember to watch the mass on Sunday on a broadcast of your choice either on TV or website.

For those able and willing to attend we have places for 45 persons total. I have marked out four distinct sections for you to choose from. Section 1 for handicapped and disabled persons able to seat a total of 5. Section 2 for individual persons 4 only. Section 3 front two thirds of both sides for couples or families of 3 able to seat 12 on each side for a total of 24 persons. Section 4 is in the rear, one whole pew on each side able to seat a larger family of 4 to 6 persons on each side for a total of 12 persons. Please call Susan in our office to make a seating reservation (775-588-2080). YOU MUST WEAR A MASK IN CHURCH.

***Winter schedule will remain, for now! The 8:00am mass will be for SENIORS AND THOSE WITH UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS ONLY!!***

In other words, if you are NOT a senior or have NO underlying health conditions you will not attend this mass.

You might ask, “If I am a senior and have no underlying conditions, may I attend one of the other two masses?” The answer is “Yes”.

You may reserve your place in church ahead of time. Please call Mondays 9am through Fridays 12 noon and Susan will take your name(s) and phone or email information for contact tracing which all Catholic churches are required to do. This will be the practice every week until this Phase2 is over or until the bishop announces otherwise. Those with a reserved place in church have priority over any vacationers who might “drop in”.

The Church has done everything to comply with the government and CDC for the reopening of masses. Thank you for your patience, understanding, cooperation, and support! Stay safe, stay holy! -Fr. Larry Morrison