Church Renovation


When the original parishioners of Our Lady of Tahoe built the church in 1972, it was designed as a special place here at Lake Tahoe to honor God and develop our relationship with Him while sharing that joy among the community. With its spectacular altar windows providing outdoor views, it’s a daily reminder of God’s gift of beauty and nature to us. Our parish founders did not just consider their present comfort, but also toward the future generations of worshipers, residents and visitors who would call this little church in the woods their “spiritual home.” We’re at that stage again, and similar to revitalizing our homes and keeping them up, we have an opportunity to determine Our Lady of Tahoe’s future path. Like those parishioners more than 40 years ago, our responsibility calls us as good stewards to leave it better than we found it. The options for consideration are assured to maintain the connection with our founding parishioners and the rich tradition at Our Lady of Tahoe. While many have moved away or passed on, they are still with us through their generosity and vision, and their selfless touch still visible on the worn metal handles of the Church’s large wooden doors.

Time & Cost

The timing and costs are broken down by phases. Phase one has been completed, and has no ongoing costs. Phases two and three are prospective.

NB: * Timeframes are ESTIMATES only, and following acquisition of final building permit and verification of funding. Construction schedules subject to change.

NB: ** Costs are ESTIMATES only. Costs for Phases II & III can be affected by overall timing, economy and other factors and are likely to change.


Completed in 2013

Cost: $376,000**


Timeframe: 6 months*

Cost: $650,000**


Timeframe: 14 months (including Phase II) *

Cost: $1,500,000 (incl. Phase II) **


Completed in 2013, Phase I included the new wood ceiling, lighting, the restroom relocation and a new breezeway between the church and Father John K. Bain Pastoral Center (parish hall), as well as the new fire sprinkler system.While the Phase I efforts solved some required safety issues and comfort needs, the overall interior look has aged. While everyone appreciates tradition – yes, both Phase II and Phase III will maintain the signature aspect of the church, the altar windows - various existing spaces require modification to meet current and future needs. In addition, many believe it’s time to refresh, upgrade and brighten the interior to complement the overall structure.


This option would include construction limited to the existing building envelope. In other words, work only within the existing walls. Reconfiguration of some of the existing spaces will include the confessional, utility storage, and usher’s room on the east side of the building, the crying room on the west side, and the sacristy and gift shop on the south side. The paneling that has graced the interior walls of the church these past 43 years would be covered with sheet rock, then textured and painted an off-white to brighten the overall interior. Wooden  wainscoting that matches the new ceiling, would be installed around the perimeter of the church to a height of approximately 40-inches from the floor. New carpet throughout would replace the worn flooring. The updated look would complement the altar windows and provide a fresh look while maintaining the church’s original design integrity.


In addition to the work mentioned above, this option would also provide for a new welcoming space, or “gathering area” at the back of the church. The area would include new construction that would extend and cover the existing exterior entry stairs. It would shield parishioners from weather as they arrive to the church, enter and ready themselves for various celebrations. It would provide a sense of arrival, a space to greet friends, exchange pleasantries and to converse or say goodbye following services and events. Reflective of its name, it would also serve as a staging area for various services and functions.This option would call for structural changes in the roof line near the rear, or nave, of the church to support the expanded structure. The stained glass window of Mary, the parish patroness would remain and become more prominent upon entry and exit.

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings

On the 27th of May, and the 3rd of June, Town Hall meetings were held to share plans with and solicit feedback from parishioners. We had a nice turnout at each meeting, and recordings of those meetings are available here.

The First Town Hall video's highlights are:

0:00:00  History of Our Lady of Tahoe & Phase I (Francie Alling)
0:05:18  Introduction (Mike Quilici)
0:07:40  Phase II (Mike Quilici)
0:15:40  Phase III (Mike Quilici)
0:19:44  Model (Mercedes de la Garza)
0:23:40  Timeline (Mike Quilici)
0:27:10  Cost (Mike Quilici)
0:28:18  Vestibule (Mercedes de la Garza)
0:30:35  Finance Report (Howard Lowry)
0:32:53  Questions & Answers
1:22:22  END

(Duration: 1 hr, 22 min, 22 sec)

The Second Town Hall's highlights are:

0:00:00  Phase II (Mike Quilici)
0:11:35  Phase III (Mike Quilici)
0:16:44  Model (Mercedes de la Garza)
0:20:00  Phase II cont'd (Mike Quilici)
0:22:06  Timeline & cost (Mike Quilici)
0:47:40  Finance Report (Ron Alling)
0:50:01  Questions & Answers
1:11:46  END (Duration: 1 hr, 11 min, 46 sec)


Renovation News

Special Meeting on our Church Remodel

By Our Lady of Tahoe | July 10, 2015

There will be a special meeting of the Parish Council on Monday, July 13th to discuss the Church Master Plan. Mike Quilici, Director of Development & Stewardship at the Diocese of Reno, and Mercedes de la Garza, architect, will be in attendance. Parishioners are welcome.We want to thank those who attended the Town Hall meetings on May…

Church Remodel Update

By Our Lady of Tahoe | June 28, 2015

We want to thank those who attended the Town Hall meetings on May 27th and June 3rd, regarding the possibility of a church remodel as part of our Master Plan. Most of you were favorable to Phase II for improvements to the interior. The Parish Council, Finance Council and Father Oliver have taken into account the ideas,…

Church Remodel Meetings

By Our Lady of Tahoe | May 27, 2015

Father Oliver and the Parish Council invite you to join us for “Town Hall” meetings for our parishioners and visitors May 27th and June 3rd at 7:00 PM in the parish hall regarding the possibility of a church remodel. The presentation will include an overview of two options: The first is to remodel the interior of…