Music for February

02/02/20  Presentation of the Lord

Open: In His Temple Now Behold  MI208

Gifts: Sing Out Earth and Sky  MI554

Communion: Mary Song  MI838

Closing: Be Thou My Vision MI396

02/09/20: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Open: Holy, Holy, Holy MI211

Gifts: The Summons MI383

Communion: Amen, El Cuerpo de Cristo  MI336 or The Cry of the Poor  MI612

Closing: We Are the Light of the World MI591

02/16/20 – Jan  Out of Town

02/23/20:  7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Open: Alleluia, Sing to Jesus  MI721

Gifts: Love Goes On  MI477

Communion: You Alone  MI653

Closing: City of God  MI385 or Go Make a Difference  MI498

02/26/20:  ASH WEDNESDAY  – Evening Mass

Open: In These Days of Lenten Journey MI128

Ashes: Ashes to Ashes  MI115 , Signed by Ashes  MI114

Gifts: Sacred Silence  MI546

Communion: Ubi Caritas  MI326

Closing: Ashes  MI 116