Music for Advent

12/01/19  1st Sunday of Advent (HOPE) “The Prophets Candle”

Opening: “Let the King of Glory Come”  MI62

Gifts: “Waiting In Silence” MI41 

Communion: “There Is A Longing” MI401

Closing: “Soon and Very Soon”  MI577

12/08/19 2nd Sunday of Advent  (FAITH) “Bethelem Candle”

Opening: Advent of Our King”  MI57

Gifts: “On Jordan’ Bank”  MI61

Communion: “Alleluia, Hurry the Lord is Near”  MI52. (5 pm only) “Only In God”

Closing: Emmanuel MI56

 12/09/19  “Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

Opening: ” On This Day O, Beautiful Mother”  MI697

Gifts: “Hail Mary, Gentle Mother”  MI695

Communion: “Holy Is His Name:  MI 686

Closing: “Immaculate Mary” MI203

12/15/19  3rd Sunday of Advent  (JOY) “Shepherds Candle”

Opening: “On Jordan’s Bank” MI61

Gifts: “Ready the Way of the Lord:  MI49

Communion: Bread of Angels MI365

Closing: O Come, O Come Emmanuel”  MI38

12/22/19  4th Sunday of Advent  (PEACE)

Opening: People Look East  MI40

Gifts: Waiting in Silence  MI41

Communion: Like A Shepherd  MI606

Closing: Alleluia, Hurry the Lord is Near  MI52

12/24/19 Christmas pageant with kids and midnight mass  TBA

12/25/19 Christmas day masses TBA

Songs are subject to change without notice