Songs for June-July

6/10/18  We have a visiting Monsignor 
Opening: City of God  MI386
Gifts: Abba Father MI534
Blessing: Love Changes Everything (handout)
Communion: The Lord is My Life  (Walker) MI681
Closing: America the Beautiful  MI627

6/17/18  Father’s Day
Jan out of town. No choir.

6/24/18 Fr Oliver’s Last Mass
Opening: On The Wings of a Snow White Dove (handout)
Gifts: Pescador de Hombre(handout)
Communion: One Bread, One Body(handout)
Blessing: Irish Blessing MI 392
Closing: Building Up the Temple(handout)

7/1/18 Fr. Larry Morrison First Mass
Opening: Sing A New Song  MI544
Gifts: Amazing Grace  MI433
Communion: How Great Thou Art MI425
Closing: National Anthem and God Bless America  MI625

Opening: Holy, Holy, Holy  MI206
Gifts: Open My Eyes MI393
Communion: Taste and See  MI 341
           Amen, El Cuerpo de Christo  MI338 (10am)
Closing: Lead  Me Lord  MI630

Opening: All Are Welcome MI869
Gifts: One Love Release  MI360
Communion: Precious Lord, Take My Hand  MI689
Closing: City of God MI 386

Opening: Gather Your People  MI313
Gifts: Sacred Silence  MI545
Communion: Cry of the Poor  MI620
Closing: We Are the Light of the World  MI597