Protecting God’s Children 5 June 2018

PGC awareness sessions are held on the first Tuesday of each month. All sessions are held in the Fr. John K. Bain Pastoral Center (parish hall) at 6:30pm.

Please register on VIRTUS Online, and contact Jan Roman-Gonzales, our PGC Coordinator, to make sure she knows you’re attending.

All volunteers who come in contact with children are required to register on VIRTUS Online and attend an awareness session.


Since 2002, the Church in the United States has experienced a crisis without precedent in our times. The sexual abuse of children and young people by some deacons, priests, and bishops, and the ways in which these crimes and sins were addressed, have caused enormous pain, anger, and confusion. As bishops, we have acknowledged our mistakes and our roles in that suffering, and we apologize and take responsibility again for too often failing victims and the Catholic people in the past. From the depths of our hearts, we bishops express great sorrow and profound regret for what the Catholic people have endured.

The 2011 revision of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, re-affirmed our deep commitment to creating a safe environment within the Church for children and youth. We have listened to the profound pain and suffering of those victimized by sexual abuse and will continue to respond to their cries.

Each year, dioceses in the Untied States undergo an external audit by Stonebridge Business Partners, an independent auditing firm. The audit is designed to measure each diocese’s compliance with the guidelines of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The results of the external audits are published by the Secretariat of Child and Youth Protection every year.


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