The 2017 Parish Council Elections Have Begun

Dear Parishioners,

Our Lady of Tahoe’s Pastor and Parish Council would like to thank our outgoing members Francie Alling (currently president of the Council), Bernie Frausto, and Deborah Moser (the Pastor’s appointee) for their service to the Parish; they will complete their terms after June of 2017.

We are also grateful to those members of our Parish who have accepted electoral nominations for their willingness to give of their time and their talents, and to John Ford, who has been appointed to the Council as the new Pastor’s appointee.

We will have two open seats available beginning in July, and eight nominees  willing to serve. In the next several pages, you will find brief statements from each of our candidates introducing themselves, sharing what they hope to bring to the Parish Council, and thoughts about the direction of the Parish.

Thank you for your careful consideration of each candidate.

Ballots will be available to Parishioners following each Mass (including the Saturday Vigils) on both June 4th and 11th. The elections will be completed on Sunday, June 11th, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.  For anyone unable to attend Mass (owing to illness or vacation) on either weekend, absentee ballots are available in the Parish office, which is open weekdays until 2PM.

All parishioners are warmly encouraged to help select two candidates to join the Parish Council.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Oliver, Pastor

& OLT’s Parish Council

Voting has begun. Parishioners, please pick up a copy of the Candidates' CVs and your ballots after Mass, and remember to vote for the 2 candidates of your choice!

Both will be available after each Mass on the weekends of the 3rd/4th and the 10th/11th of June. They are also available in the office until 2pm on the 9th of June.

Voting ends after the 12:15PM Mass on June 11th.

Thanks for voting!

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