2017 Parish Council Election

Our Lady of Tahoe Parish Council Election Timeline - May and June, 2017

**There will be 2 Council seats available**


May 7-21:

Names may be submitted as nominees for OLT Parish Council. You may submit the name of any parishioner (18 or older), including yourself. Terms are for 3 years. You may use the form on this page to submit nominations, or use the physical forms/box in the Parish Hall. You may also give your nominations to the parish secretary.

Thank you for all your thoughtful nominations.

May 27-28:

The nominees will be contacted by the Selection Committee members and asked to write a short résumé to appear in the Parish Bulletin and our website. Résumés must be received by 2PM on May 31 in order to appear in the bulletin. Résumés may be delivered to the office or emailed to elections@ourladyoftahoe.org

June 3-4:

Résumés of candidates will appear in the Parish Bulletin and on the website, and ballots will be available at each Mass.

June 10-11:

Each parishioner is entitled to one ballot. If you will be out of town during the election, you may pick up a ballot early at the office.

June 17-18:

New Parish Council members will be announced at each Mass. The new members will be invited to attend the July Parish Council meeting*.

*Meetings are held in the Parish Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise specified. These meetings are public, and all parishioners are welcome to attend.